Active reading

Include elements of TPR and competition in your reading texts in order to create a fun, engaging activity. Here’s how to set it up…

Find or write the text you want to use. Print a copy for each of the students, or each pair, and one for yourself.

On the teacher’s copy, change some information – names, dates, locations, etc… Don’t spend too long doing this – just scrub a few details out and change them.

Explain to the students that they all have the same, correct text and that yours has some mistakes. Read your text to the students and when they hear a mistake they should shout ‘STOP!’, clap their hands, bang the table, etc…. Then elicit what the mistake was and continue reading.


Working on numbers, minimal pairs and other subtle differences can make this activity more challenging for students. Try making a competition out of it if that’s what your students like. Also, why not get them to make their own and read it to a partner? It’s great for pronunciation practice!


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