Low-prep PET practice

Try saying ‘Low-prep PET practice’ 10 times fast. It’s hard.

My students needed some speaking practice for their PET exam. There’s tons of materials and videos online. I tried to add a fun element into it and it went down well with my 15-year-olds. Here’s what I did…

I set them some listening homework from BBC 6 Minute English. I let them choose it in fact, and they went for this one…

6 minute english - Mars

In today’s class we went through some of the vocabulary from the audio and then started talking about if they’d want to go to Mars: how long it would take, going on your own vs going as a team…

Each student came and drew a luxury item they’d want to take with them. Here’s what they came up with (on the left of the board)…


Then we recapped the part of the exam where students have to talk together and make a decision about something. We watched this example on the IWB and talked about whether the students on screen had done a good job and why.

Then we came back to their list of board items and I gave them more or less the same task as we’d just watched. I put on my best Cambridge examiner RP voice and said,

Now I’d like you to talk together about something. Your teacher Nick is going on a trip to Mars. Look at the luxury items on the board and decide which one would be most useful for him.

I let them practice in pairs for two minutes, then got random pairs to sit at the table and do the task while the other students watched. As a task for the observers, I asked them to think about if they answered the question and if they each spoke for the right amount of time.


We all gave a round of applause for each pair, then all gave constructive feedback on what they did well and what they could work on.

It went really well and was minimal effort for me, so I’m definitely using it again!




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