Summer School!

It’s my favourite time of the TEFL year… summer school! Like many teachers, I’m taking a break from my school and am back in England for a couple of months of summer school.

It’s a great time to have a bit more fun with the students, get to know them outside of the classroom on excursions and activities. It’s also a good time to experiment with different methodologies and techniques.

Here is my list of things to experiment with / work on this summer…

  1. Lolly stick nomination – I’ve been wanting to try this for a long time. Get students to write their name on the end of a lolly stick and put them all in a cup. Whenever you want to nominate, simply choose a stick at random. It’s supposed to keep nomination fair and the students on their toes.
  2. A clip a day – I love using film in class, but I normally only show one when I can really build a class around it. Our school has had a real technology push this year, so laptops and flat screen TVs are in every classroom. I’m going to try and show something every day, even if it’s only loosely related to what we’re doing. Hopefully it’ll create interest  among the students.
  3. Flipped Learning –  The latest craze and something I need to adopt more. I normally give a written diary-style homework at summer school, but I’m definitely going to set a video or two a week to mix things up a bit.
  4. Reward systems – I normally use a simple reward system in class – names on the board and a star next to your name when you make a good effort (working hard, doing homework, speaking English). I’d like to try out some different methods to see which ones students work best with.
  5. Using apps – I went to a pub quiz the other night and you had to use an app on your phone to answer the questions. If there’s an easy way to set this up, it might be a good way of generating interst in class.

So those are my 5 so far – I might add more. Are you working on anything this summer? Have you used any of these methods and can you give me any pointers? If so then please leave a comment.


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