Low-Prep Storytelling – teens and adults

Instead of telling a story to your students, why not let them tell you a story. True stories can be difficult for kids and teens, as they may not have much life experience, but giving some visual prompts can get quick and imaginative results.

Here’s how I set it up…

I told the students I had a story to tell them but I wanted to guess what it was. I gave them four pictures and asked them to guess the beginning of my story…

Truth be told I didn’t really have a story – just a vague idea. It didn’t matter

The students quickly started giving me some ideas about what my story might be. I elicited a few and then let them get on with developing their story in pairs. I had some extra pictures ready just in case they couldn’t come up with anything, but they only needed these four pictures.

After a few minutes of thinking time, I invited them up to the board to write the six parts of their stories…


After 10 minutes, I gave some minimal feedback by underlining any errors…


…and then students corrected errors in their groups…


For a 30 minute activity there was a lot of production, which was great to see from a low-level group of kids.

Moving into written production, the next step would be to storyboard the six parts with a template like this one…storyboard

We finished up a couple of classes later and this is what they came up with…

And these were the full 6-sceners…

Very low-prep, student-centred, and very productive for the students!


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