The Sun and The Wind

This is a high-level vocabulary lesson that I’ve adapted from BBC Learning English. A fable based around 10 uses of the word ‘catch’.

  1. Tell the first half of the story yourself without the video. This helps the students to process the meaning. It doesn’t matter if it’s word for word, just as long as you work in the ‘catch’ vocab and make the story your own.
  2. Watch the first half of the video, do the comprehension task at the bottom of the page and then get students to retell the story so far. I also gapped the text for written consolidation.


3. Repeat the format for the second half of the story. This should go a little quicker as there are only 4 uses of catch in this part.

4. We had 15 minutes to spare, so I got the students to illustrate a section each and write a short piece of text, not copying from the script and including one piece of ‘catch’ vocab in each. I numbered these on the board to make it clear which scene was assigned to each student.

As a follow-up in the next class, I stuck post-it notes over the text and got students to try and remember what had happened in the story.


They did a good job!




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