That’s such a cliché

Here’s a teen-friendly low-prep Valentine’s class that I tried out yesterday…

Introduce the idea of romantic film clichés. I used the image of people kissing in the rain to illustrate this and get some ideas flowing. Still, it was a bit of a slow start, so I showed my students a video from Australian YouTuber Caitie. She picks out 5 classic romantic clichés and gives examples by acting them out.


I got my students to note them down, we talked about them and them pulled out any tough vocabulary or strong collocations from the text, like bonding experience or express their true feelings.

Then it was their turn to come up with some clichés which we added to the board…


The students’ ideas are in blue

Then it was time for their task: in groups, write the outline of a romantic movie, using as many clichés as possible. I showed a picture of a couple of Hollywood bigwigs that they had to impress, just to give it a bit of audience.

They did a redsc_0227ally good job. I monitored and dealt with emerging language and helped out when they weren’t sure quite how to put the language naturally.


Also, to raise the level of challenge, groups had to include some language we have been studying recently (2 phrasal verbs with ‘get’, 2 phrasal verbs with ‘catch’ and 2 idioms using sounds). This was useful to see if they could remember the language we’d been studying and also if they could use it correctly!

Their homework was to write up their films, so we’ll see what they come back with next week!



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