A balanced diet

Here’s a CLIL lesson I tried with my primary students this week. I wanted to give them a bit more than just the food vocab we’d been studying, and thought it would be a good opportunity to teach them about healthy eating. Here’s what I did…

On the IWB we looked at different foods and checked vocab. I helped the students to categorise the foods into the 5 food groups. We also talked about favourite foods, junk food and how much sugar there is in soft drinks and juice.

food match 1

Then the students made their own record in categories (the class is 3 hours long so I felt justified with the extended cutting and sticking time here!).


We played ‘what’s missing’ using the mini whiteboards for a bit of vocab recall.

food match 2

I showed the students a balanced meal on the IWB – food images with the written form and food group underneath. Then they made their own balanced meals.

And it’s always nice to have a portion of cheps on the side…




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