While I’m home…

Having some time off from school is a good opportunity to look back at the term that’s just gone. What can you get back at home that’s going to make term two easier? Here are some of my favourites…

Reward Stickers – really cheap and really effective. Get thousands!


Family and friend interviews – it’s always useful to have personal video clips to show in class. If you’re super organised then you could check what units are coming up in your books. If, like me, you’re not super organised then just get little clips of anything – local landmarks, questions to your students, what your friends imagine the place you’re working is like, get your friends to describe you, old memories, monologues, conversations etc…


Blu-tack – or whatever it’s called.

blu tack

Coins – useful for making tasks more authentic and preparing students who are coming to the UK.


Pound shops – Pop in and and see if there’s anything cheap and unavailable abroad.


Tourist guides – A rich resource from your own town or anywhere else. I used some recently as my students were asking about my home town – I’m taking lots more back this term – and they’re reusable!


Tube maps – even if you’re not from London. Always useful for authentic task-based lessons.



I also use the holidays to stock up on cheap paracetamol from Boots, but that’s a different matter.


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